Picture Perfect (1997)

A young advertising executive's life becomes increasingly complicated when, in order to impress her boss, she pretends to be engaged to a man she has just met.


I really liked it when I first watched it. I was like 13 or 14…. I forgot. Of course, I was a teenager back then. Easily swooned.

I'm currently having a 90's and early 2000's movies marathon.. and this is one of them. I guess I lost the feels after watching "Picture Perfect" this time. Even though it's been a very long time.

I really wish they added more romantic moments between Nick and Kate. I wish it could be longer.

5 years ago


Flat, lifeless career based RomCom with little Rom or Com. GF's choice but she thought it was rubbish too. 3/10.

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9 years ago

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