It was a good movie. I would say that it is underrated.

8 years ago


The weirder a movie gets, the more I'll like it. Not unconditionally, but close. My expectations for Ink were extremely high so it's pretty astonishing that it took my several years before watching it. Now that Jamin Winans released his third movie recently, Ink got my attention again. After watching it my feelings were mixed. Although it is a very strange story indeed, a lot of the movie felt very conventional. The acting was pretty mediocre (as if the movie was made for television in the 1990s), the storyline was drenched in too much pathos (with a soundtrack that magnified this feeling a lot) and the visual style felt all a bit too much "post-production editing". I get why Ink is labeled a cult movie, as I think its following is indeed very small yet passionate, but it didn't do all that much for me. Too bad, 'cause I really wanted to like this film a lot…

5 years ago


All the imaginative concepts and camerawork can't hide bad acting and a bad script that is simplistic and eventually tips into cheesy sentimentality. I also thought it looked horrible, with almost every scene run through various types of crude filter so it ended up looking like a teenager's instagram gallery.

6 years ago

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