The Prizefighter and the Lady (1933)

a.k.a Every Woman's Man

An ex-sailor turned boxer finds romance and gets a shot at the heavyweight title.


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3 months ago


The Prizefighter and the Lady is without a doubt the worst Myrna Loy movie I've seen to date. If not for my interest in seeing her entire filmography, I would have bailed after 20 minutes, which is more or less what initial director Howard Hawks did when real-life boxer Max Baer was cast. Real-life boxer, but not real-life actor. He also has no real-life chemistry with Loy, and her underwritten character has no justification for wanting to be with him (especially when he immediately starts cheating on her) rather than the mobster she previously dated. Neither us sympathetic, and we really don't want them to be together, or for him to win the championship. In addition to a featured song sung by Loy with an unconvincing voice dubbed on, there's a gratuitous extended musical number featuring Baer (whaaa?), before we head into the no-less extended championship bout (and its dumb ending). It's all gross padding, but these sequences are, in isolation, probably the best parts of this picture. Well, except the tedious walk-ons by boxing bog shots of day, which go on forever. It's like an entertainment for couples who can't go to music shows or boxing matches on their budget. There's something for everyone! Except a compelling story.

a year ago

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