Goyôkin (1969)

a.k.a Goyokin

A guilt-haunted samurai warrior attempts to stop a massacre taking place.


"Director Hideo Gosha's one famous tiff involves a dispute with the great Toshiro Mifune who, it is said, had been hired to star in 'Goyokin'. But Mifune hated the coldness of the shoot (it was filmed in Northern Japan) and got to feuding with Gosha; he quit, Nakadai was hired and thus began a long and profitable association with Gosha that produced 10 films." - Stephen Hunter (Washington Post)

8 years ago

Unit 731

Tatsuya Nakadai embarks on an exhilarating RPG adventure to stop an evil lord… Oh wait….

A really good piece just a bit too straight-forward for my taste in terms of plot. The storyline is solid but it mostly just reminded me of a greek tragedy with the usual morality vs loyalty trope these japanese fellers love so much. It has lots of neat, poetic little things to say, but all in all it could have use a bit more story and character development. The script is not, say Kurosawa quality but it matches that absence with absolutely stunning scenery and of course….. Nakadai! Very powerful! Stronk even!
The trance-like final scene with him is really something.

I don't know when exactly Godzilla snacks discovered color but this has to be one of the earlier ones in widescreen I have seen. And boy do they put the colors to good use. The movie is is simply beautiful looking (even magical at times) and the snowy peaks just bring everything to life. The movie had a definite Western vibe to it, and one obvious comparison has to be The Great Silence. Very alike.

Besides the great visuals, the movie has some brilliant swordplay. It felt very realistic and had a nice touch of blood without overdoing it.

It is a very visual masterpiece and teaches an important lesson on why you should always develop economy tree first.

No, that is our funeral… The funeral of samurai

7 years ago


One of the best samurai-movies out there!
Tatsuya Nakadai magical as always!

9 years ago

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