Though it differs in tone from the first two, Rocky III is a refreshing take on the series. Clubber Lang, Mr T's first major acting role, is a villain that you love to hate and his loud mouth, cocksure attitude is in such contrast to Rocky's demeanor. Overall, good movie.

9 years ago


I don't hate Balboa, I just pity the fool! Good stuff, clearly…

8 years ago


I saw this at age 12 in the theater with my friend Deano Oliveira. I did not care to see it really , but I was so happy I did!. This one blew my mind. The adrenaline was pumping through me as I can still remember it today. I was so scared of Clubber Lang. Prediction for the fight? "PAIN!"
This was my favorite Rock movie. I took my sister to see it a week later. I had to really convince her to see it. She actually stood up in the theater and swung her arms saying "Hit 'em" and cheered when Rocky knocked out Clubber.
It doesn't have the same effect on me now, but I still have a special place in my heart for it.

7 years ago

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