A blend of horror and comedy, though leaning more on the latter, the classic Sammo Hung production (he's not in it though), Mr. Vampire. I'll admit, it's a little hard getting into this one because the mythology surrounding the undead in China - and all attendant superstitions - is so incredibly bizarre and alien to Westerners. That, and the most tender hearts may be shocked at a few animal deaths captured on film. But once you learn the rules of this world of hopping vampires and seductive ghosts, you're in it to the end. Mr. Vampire is funny (if broad), surprising (sticky rice does WHAT?), and has some great kung fu action and pretty cool 80s special effects. A weirdie but a goodie.

4 years ago


aka. Mr. Vampire. Personally I love this film (warning though if you like chickens.)

6 years ago

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