Predictable but fun.

11 months ago


Because it takes place in 2017, you might want to check out 1987's Cherry 2000 just as an exercise in what they got right. It's not worth it for that. Is it worth it at all? For genre fiends, yes. There's an admirable stunt sequence in there somewhere, and it doesn't really take itself seriously, so some of the jokes do land. I can't really decipher its message though. Taking the mail-order bride concept too far, David Andrews' character owns a robotic one that sees to his needs. The body breaks down, and he needs to put her chip in another, but the model is quite rare, so he hires Melanie Griffith's Edith "E" Johnson, a mercenary badass who will help him find one in the lawless desert. At absolutely no point do we not think his arc will be to realize a human woman is better than an android one (though we consistently wonder what's so great about Cherry given how limited she is mentally, that you'd need to keep her chip). Fine for Andrews, but it means Edith has to be in service of that arc and falls for him without much provocation - it's terrible for her character. Add to that the violent hippie cult they find in the desert, where women keep being told to make sandwiches, but at the end, get to enjoy their own, and it becomes the worst attempt at a feminist statement I might have ever seen. Ultimately, if Cherry 2000 disappoints, it's because Griffith isn't believable as Mad Maxine, neither in terms of performance nor of script.

11 months ago


This one is a lot of fun!

4 years ago

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