Ging chaat goo si juk jaap (1988)

a.k.a Police Story 2

The Hong Kong super-cop must stop a group of blackmailing bombers at the same time that the villains of the first Police Story are out for revenge.


Police Story 2 is definitely an inferior film to the first one. There are some cool fights and lots of pyrotechnics, and a memorable (if bizarre) villain in the deaf-mute character, but the inclusion of the bad guys from the first film - red herrings all - only puts a drain on the pacing. I do like a lot of the elements - May's continued humiliation, the crazy "Charlie's Angels"-type babes, even the ultimate pay-off to the crapper joke - but taken as a whole, they just create pace issues. Great final battle though.

2 years ago


Poor Maggie :(

4 years ago

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