The cinematography is mesmerising. I was actually distracted from the plot at some points admiring the photography and the shot compositions.

8 years ago


Lethargic and ponderous, but aching, much like Pitt's depiction of the main character, shifting between bouts of ugliness and resigned depression in a kind of mania that only shatters the specter of his own cult. Casey Affleck is equally amazing as the nobody pathetically trying to set his legacy in stone, in a kind of rageful sorrow with quivering lip, and only to end up re-enacting his fate as a kind of Greek tragedy. Add in some cold landscapes, melancholic music, and you have a pretty damn good film, though it does indeed drag at times from a foregone conclusion (though I enjoyed the narration), and most of the rest of the cast often seem to be foils to be gradually, suddenly picked off, so this falls just short of a grand recommendation - but then again, that's what this 'Western as life metaphor' seeks to do - crush the egos of men under the hypocritical steamroller of cultural legend. Hell, the scenes in the theater and bar at the conclusion could not serve as a more apt metaphor. This film isn't about where you end up, but how you get there, so adjust expectations to enjoy the journey.

9 years ago


Some of the most careful, poetic cinematography you will ever see and a truly remarkable tale to boot.

12 years ago

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