If you liked this watch the Spanish film "Timecrimes" for a better film with a similar concept.

8 years ago


This movie could have been great but comes off as horribly annoying, mainly due to the characters being written too moronic - especially the main lead.
She is royally obnoxious and really rubbed me the wrong way. Her actions are mostly incomprehensible.
I wondered a few times if this is a really brilliant actor but eventually decided against it. Unlikable character portrayed by a poor actor is the truth.

Still, it's a cool sci-fi romp with some mind-bending qualities. While not groundbreaking, it has some nice twists worth catching.

Sci-fi/time paradox fans should definitely grab it, otherwise barely recommended.

4 years ago


Obviously borrows from Timecrimes, but a little bit more fun.

7 years ago

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