Quite unlike any other Korean movie I've seen - it's extremely slow paced and lacks any real dramatic energy, even though the story has a good deal of inherent drama. The central performance of Yun Junghee as Mija is excellent as she struggles to understand the people and the world around her through a reignited love of poetry whilst succumbing to the early signs of Alzheimer's Disease, and it is shot sensitively and simply as befits the title - but there are some odd tonal inconsistencies in the story; the matter of factness of the parents casually discussing paying off the mother of the girl their children raped, and the sexual demands of the disabled man Mija cares for. The final sequence as all the threads converge into the finally composed poem is a powerful pay off.

6 years ago


Best female performance in a Korean movie, along with Madeo.

6 years ago


Beautiful. The actress embodied everything the film was about. She portrayed her character flawlessly. You could feel her pain and feel her frustration. And just like the title, the film was a poem.

6 years ago

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