Very high quality family drama set on a ranch near small town Texas - the screenplay, cinematography, direction and performances from the four central characters are all first rate. The only negative is the sheer bleakness of the story - it doesn't end well for anybody, and there's no lightness to relieve the gloom apart from the pleasure of watching a story well told.

7 years ago

Camille Deadpan

Like someone already mentioned it: there is a lot of fast-forwarding for the sensitive type (like me). But the story is really amazing, everyone's very good - I think Patricia Neal is the best.

5 years ago


Great stuff. The terrific script and Newman's charisma make a much more complex central character than in most Hollywood films, even "prestige" flicks–the movie does a great job of seesawing you between liking Hud and despising him.

7 years ago

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