Get 3 coffins ready

My mistake, 4 coffins

8 years ago

George Bailey

Ended the trilogy on this one :) Great movie, and yes Yojimbo is better!

8 years ago


No wonder they got sued by ToHo. This is an utterly shameless ripoff of Yôjinbô, with a less likeable leading character and worse character development. I say ripoff, rather than remake, as it was made without permission almost immediately after Yôjinbô came out.

Although this is still a great film–it's hard to bomb when you're cut-and-pasting one of the all-time greats–Kurosawa is by far the better director, Mifune the better actor. If you're planning to see this, do youself a favor and watch Yôjinbô first. The framework of the story is present in Fistful, but much of the substance is lost.

5 years ago

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