The time travel romcom Kate & Leopold has one great character and one terrible one (plus a perfectly acceptable supporting cast), which makes it hard to love and difficult to hate. Hugh Jackman, as Leopold, is the real winner here, stealing every scene as a paragon of virtue, old-fashioned in his code of honor but open-minded when it comes to contemporary human rights. He's earnest in everything he does, charismatic, always watchable. Not so Meg Ryan's Kate, an umpteenth advertising executive (possibly the most common job for romcom heroines) who is just incredibly unlikable, mean to everyone including her leading man, to the point where it's difficult to fathom why he would fall in love with her (but for a dearth of pretty girls in his home time, it seems). He's a figure of romance, and she's just too cynical to buy into any of it, and while I can see where that conflict would keep them from getting together initially and keep the film from being too hokey, her turn just doesn't work for me. They just haven't done enough to justify her choices in the later half of the movie. At least the time travel paradox stuff is acceptably done, as far as these things go.

3 years ago


Rom coms are hard to get right. Either they're too romantic and they lack comedy, or the other way around. This one is enjoyable, Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber are good and charming, but it's hardly one of the best. The ending was predictable and just really crappy. It ruins the movie. Not horrible bad, but not good either. Uninspired.

6 years ago


Really sweet, romantic movie with fun moments and a charming Hugh Jackman. Thumbs up!

6 years ago

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