About as useful a movie as Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music

6 years ago


I usually don't ''dislike'' movies because I know that even for the worst ones, people have put so much money, time, energy, resources in it that I respect them for creating something. People should keep that in mind when critiquing a movie. That being said, this movie is unbearable. Only for the sound aspect I could hate that movie. I think it's clearly unrespectful to your fan to have such an horrible sound quality. Godard doesn't know how to direct actors, or maybe he just like to direct them so bad because he wants them to play horribly. Everything in this movie feel fake. I know Godard is an iconoclast, he's an anticonformist, a ''revolutionnary''. I could forgive him the lack of structure, I could even pass over the fact that he doesn't care enough to cut his actors mistakes, but I cannot stand anymore his endless pseudo-intellectual sentences, particularly when they are being said by french actors speaking german or english with their so recognizable french accent. I swear to god I'll never watch this movie again.

5 years ago


I don’t get why so many dislike this one. Ebert one star. It has double as many dislikes as favorites. 5.8 imdb.
It has some of the most beautiful imagery I’ve ever seen. It reminds me of the essay masterpiece Man with a Movie Camera. It’s easy for me to go into an avant-garde film with the idea to just enjoy the beauty and accept the lack of plot and characterization. But this seems tough for so many, especially for Godard’s films since people are always expecting his 60s fiction narratives for some reason.
Making a film in movements of different speeds is genius. Truly as haunting as a musical composition.
As for an earlier comment, I don't know how a movie can be "useful."

6 years ago

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