Frank Capra's Lady for a Day ends one scene too soon, and I'm only saying that because I so wanted to know what happens to its characters in epilogue, and that's a testament to its virtues. As with many of Capra's modern fairy tales, it's all about the utopian idea that your community should care about you, as all sorts of people come to the help of an old lady who sells apples on the street, when her daughter arrives with an aristocratic fiancé and his father. Should any of them find out she's fallen on hard times… May Robson provides a touching performance as Apple Annie, necessary to make us buy the premise and not negatively judge the results. And it's also quite funny. A real riot, in fact. I found myself laughing out loud frequently at the sharp script and crazy twists and turns. Capra has many great films, and this one seems to have fallen through the cracks when people discuss his oeuvre. If I have to champion it, then I will.

a year ago


Didn't realize that Warren William was in this version. He's a fantastic actor.

7 years ago

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