La science des rêves (2006)

a.k.a The Science of Sleep

A man entranced by his dreams and imagination is lovestruck with a French woman and feels he can show her his world.


I don't wanna be a spaghetti.

7 years ago

Bolero Tenebris

It would work well if the fantasy elements are low-key like in the other Gondry film ''Microbe & Gasoline''

a year ago


A sometimes hard-to-follow but lovely romance in which Gondry goes all out to create the characters' dreams (in camera, no less). Eternal Sunshine meets Be King Rewind, if you will. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always artsy and elliptical, it managed the charm me by its inherent truth and clever images. What's hard to follow is the way the characters jump from French to English and sometimes even to Spanish, forcing a read-listen switch that isn't always easy because of the accents (and I'm a French speaker!).

3 years ago

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