The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

Los Angeles. A wealthy man, known as Mr. Fuller, discovers a shocking secret about the world he lives in. Fearing for his life, he leaves a desperate message for a friend of his in the most unexpected place.


A brilliant concept, poorly executed in my view.

The acting is fairly flat on the whole (an almost laughable performance from Dennis Haysbert), whilst the special effects are admirable for their subtlety, but ultimately overshadowed by those of The Matrix, the benchmark against which this film will always be measured.

The film touches on a whole host of interesting philosophical questions, but none are developed in any real depth. Instead the film tries to keep the audience engaged by a series of deus ex machina, the implausibility of which is never really explained. What has the potential to be a well rounded and thought provoking sci-fi thriller is thus undermined some what. An extra half hour or hour with a bit of scientificy mumbo jumbo could've helped the film's credibility vastly.

7 years ago


Had the misfortune of being released in the same year as The Matrix and suffers from comparison. Not executed as well and the acting is -excuse the pun- one dimensional.

a year ago


After seeing this science fiction movie I'm asking myself: proof it that it's not fiction! 8/10

3 years ago

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