I think this is the worst roll of Adam Sandler ever. Looks like he is trying to make himself look like Rainman or Forest Gump, trying to put down a character of a retard. His anoying voice, his distorted face, while pretending to have a crooked head. No I did not like this one, however it had some great scenes in it. There were parts that really made me laugh, but absolutely not due to Nicky (Adam).
The way Hell is put down is nice, good, fun. Snoring of the actors and the nipple-fetish-drag makes good shots. If you want a nice evening for yourself, rent another movie. If someone is ging this one to you, you can watch it before you burn it.

8 years ago


I'm amazed that this movie is getting so much hate. Imo is pretty good for a Happy Madison production (I laughed out loud like two times), and I'd dare to say this is the kind of comedy Ben Stiller would kill to write/direct.

It's really interesting how a fucking Republican like Sandler plays with the concepts of Heaven/Hell and good/evil in such a weird fashion. The fact of thinking of fucking Adam Sandler as some sort of Nietzschean amoral, but at the same time vulgar, anti-Christian made me giggle the whole movie. I think that provides a nice athmosphere that makes the humor even funnier.

It's no way perfect, but I say it deserves a shot.

3 years ago



7 years ago

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