Terrible, definitely not worth a watch. Just random crap that is being held togheter with a sentence form the movie: ''Logic is overrated''.

7 years ago


Gothika is aptly named (though the director doesn't seem to realize why in his commentary), as it is a Gothic story told in the modern day, with its "is it supernatural or isn't it?" plot about a psychiatrist accused of killing her husband and admitted to a creepy asylum after encountering what could be a ghost on a dark and stormy night. The movie is fine so long as you don't know what's going on, and has some interesting effects to sustain its mood, but the solution to the mystery is, give or take a few details, pretty much what you figure it will be by the time you get there, the third act jumping feet together into a dumb high-concept television premise. Stylish, but ultimately silly.

4 years ago


A terrible waste of everyone's time.

9 years ago

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