The moral issue at the ending is what made the movie for me. Strong ending, makes you think.

7 years ago


Given the acclaim and favourable comparisons with movies like Mystic River, I was quite disappointed with Gone Baby Gone.

The writing struck me as more of a made-for-TV movie, sort of like an extended episode of Law & Order, albeit one with an ensemble cast.

I'm not familiar with the source material, but the plot was little far-fetched for my taste, and it seemed like a bunch of plot twists were just stacked on one another as things unfold. I think the overuse of flashback/hints as a plot device sort of speaks to the convoluted nature of the story.

There's some decent performances in there, and the direction is solid, but I was expecting more.


5 years ago


No lists? C'mon. Really great movie, amazingly directed by Ben Affleck, with a solid cast, and with a story that challenges everything in the moral way. Nice surprise!

6 years ago

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