Jerry Maguire lives in the shadow of corporate success movies like Wall Street, as its protagonist tries to recover that kind of success after being fired from a top athlete representation agency, only to realize what true success is, but as the epiphany only comes along WITH actual financial success, I'm afraid the theme gets lost in the schmaltz. Oh, it's not that cheesy, only kind of became so because many of its lines became famous. In actuality, the romance between Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger works and is an adult one. Cuba Gooding Jr. plays the one client who sticks with Jerry, but gives him a hard time because of his huge personality. In the end, I wish the film were tighter. The romance and sports stories distract from one another (and perhaps that's the point), and the thing Jerry does to get fired, treated like it's the film's real message, is never clearly said. Didn't QUITE have me at hello.

3 years ago


"You had me at hello"

4 years ago


Has sports, a beautiful romance, fatherhood, friendship, sentiments etc. with Tom Cruise at his charming and handsome best. Renee Zellweger was so cute in this film and Cuba Gooding Jr. was hilarious. The little kid was as adorable as they come.

Feel-good to the core and another film which ll stay with me.

6 years ago

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