I remember, that this was my first watched adaptation of Pride and Prejudice - I loved it back then. But then came 1995 version in tv and watching 2005 seemed more than pointless - I mean, the way everyone behave - it was just insulting. Although I like Keira, the way she portraid Lizzy was just… wrong. She giggled all the time, and the truth is, director of the movie had to give Lizzy's father lines to her, just cause she would sound more witty. But, I have to say, the soundtrack is more than beautiful and I'll always have a special place in my heart, cause this piece introduced me to the hole world of magnificent adaptation of Austen's books. :)

10 years ago



It wouldn't kill you to do some research of your own. Director Joe Wright intentionally moved the period of the film up so as to avoid the cliche costumes and bonnets of other adaptations.

9 years ago


An absolutely lovely movie. I read the book, too - and I do think the film does it justice. I loved the whole atmosphere of it - the family life of the Bennets, the scenes outside, the language and the way the story was told… beautiful. Lots of emotion and also fun. The soundtrack is wonderful.

I really liked the cast of the movie, even in smaller roles. Keira Knightley and especially Matthew Macfadyen were amazing (I think Macfadyen did a great job portraying Darcy in a cold and distant way in the beginning which only turns out to be veiled insecurity). Donald Sutherland was wonderful. But I really can't think of any cast member I did not like.

I've watched this film several times and I keep enjoying it. It really is one of my favorites.

8 years ago

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