Regardless of the characters' nationality, Miracle is an inspirational underdog story about team building and 100% going for the gold - with Kurt Russell in it. What most surprised me about it is how much hockey is put on film, probably more than an hour on the ice, mostly in that last key game against the Soviets. It's something that could only be done because they cast hockey players who could act rather than the other way around, and put sound and camera right on the icea with the players, giving you a player's-eye-view of the game. And while the players have their stories, it's really about the coach, and I've always liked coaching movies for their wisdom in how to inspire players and run teams, and there's plenty of that here.

4 years ago


No reinventing of the wheel here, but "Miracle" is a rousing and well crafted film, just the same. And Kurt Russell is pretty much perfect casting. The Hockey sequences are well crafted. A good sense of the time and place is acheived and the supporting cast is solid. There may be a bit of inevitable sameness that permeates the team's portrayal, as only a few players stand out. But you know a movie is doing a good job when it gets you pumped up for events you already know the outcome of.

2 weeks ago

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