Das Boot (1981)

A German submarine hunts allied ships during the Second World War, but it soon becomes the hunted. The crew tries to survive below the surface, while stretching both the boat and themselves to their limits.


I think what director Wolfgang Petersen successfully achieved the most was making the audience feel as if they were on the boat themselves. Even just by looking at the actors in a confined space, I felt like I was experiencing claustrophobia. It's not just a war epic, there are moments in the film that moves the audience in a profound way: , those moments make you empathize the characters even more. Highly recommend others to watch the director's cut, it does the movie justice.

5 years ago


i don't understand what people mean by boring - i can't take my eyes away from it! it's incredibly exciting, both in its action sequences and in the quiet moments! the music is so eerie too.

8 years ago


saw the director's cut… it was lengthy… but it was EPIC!

7 years ago

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