Pusher (1996)

A drug pusher grows increasingly desperate after a botched deal leaves him with a large debt to a ruthless drug lord.


Nicolas Winding Refn's first film was Pusher, a Danish indie film that looks at the worst week of a drug dealer's life. Frank makes a couple of bad decisions, has a run of bad luck, and now he's on the hook for money he doesn't have. Events conspire to keep him in that spiral. I can see how this made Refn an over-night sensation. It has a grit that reminded me of Mean Streets, but the performances and dialog are so naturalistic, it feels like you're watching a documentary. An invasive, improbable documentary. Clothed in the genre conventions of the gangster film, it's really a character study, showing the thoroughly unglamorous life of petty crooks, and quite worthy of attention.

7 years ago


I absolutely love this movie. Managed to get a copy of the soundtrack and it's excellent. This movie made me want to study Danish.

4 years ago

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