I like to judge celebrities by how they reacted to their portrayal in this movie.

Matt Damon: thought it was fucking hilarious.

George Clooney: likewise, would have been offended if he wasn't in the movie.

Sean Penn: outraged, wrote a 'fuck you' letter to the creators

Tim Robbins: took it well, but didn't really think it was that funny.

Susan Sarandon: furious, thought it was crass

Alec Baldwin: thought it was hysterical

Janeane Garofalo: bothered by it, but took it okay

Danny Glover: ???

Michael Moore: ???

Helen Hunt: seemed annoyed, doesn't want to talk about it

Samuel Jackson: ???

Liv Tyler: ???

7 years ago


We're gonna need a montaaaaage!

7 years ago


Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you

4 years ago

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