Highly entertaining action comedy. I enjoyed every second of it.

8 years ago


This is a badass and influential action movie for people who aren't necessarily into the whole anime scene. Lots of action and a decent subplot. Animation is superb.

9 years ago


Once again I wasn't dissapointed by Miyazaki (well, it is just partially Miyazaki's film, because afterall main characters are from the TV show and he wasn't the only script writter for the film).
Anyway, great movie. Reminds Porco Rosso a little. It's also a part comedy part drama part action film.
And for those who haven't seen it, it doesn't require to watch the show before watching this. It's a stand alone film. I haven't seen a single episode of the show, but at no point in the film I was lost or confused.

10 years ago

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