A really interesting film about a man who enters prison with nothing and leaves with a lot more. While this wasn't the most original story, it was set in a intrigueing location with a variety in characters that had their own agendas. Tahar Rahim clearly steals the show as he grows through the film which is down to the characters that shape him. While it may be seen as long, it could of been cut a good 20-30 minutes but not that I minded as I was interested in the film throughout.

10 years ago


A densely brilliant prison drama with quite a bit of meat on its bones. Great films accumulate pressure and tension and eventually explode into a perfect storm of all the elements of the story coming together at the climax. When this happened in A Prophet, I got the chills similar to the first time I watched The Godfather. Perhaps it's not a stretch to call this one a masterpiece, too.

8 years ago


Much much better than I expected. Good acting, great direction and very grim, brutally realistic and interesting plot. Didn't notice 150 mn had passed.
Not sure what the people who say it's "overrated" are talking about but I'd like to know what movies they've seen recently because if they're better, I'd like to watch them.

8 years ago

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