Felt just like you were watching a comic book and all the actors were amazing. Great movie! Loved Idris Elba and Chris Evans!

4 years ago


Great movie who unfortunately fell under the radar.. Chris Evans, Idris Elba, Jeffrey Dean morgan and Zoe Saldana are no strangers to comic book movies and they are all great in this flick which is packed with action and comedic scenes! 8/10

2 years ago


The Diggle/Jock version of The Losers failed to capture my imagination, so I didn't read beyond the first trade, but I AM a big fan of the Kirby original (I would go see THAT movie in a heartbeat). The "new" Losers movie was… a fun entertainment! Though it didn't feature Captain Storm, etc., it still felt like a Losers story, with each victory actually turning into a defeat. I see the Internet thought it was an A-Team rip-off, but I've never really been an A-Team kind of guy, so that comparison is lost on me. The Losers has some fun action, stylish "Hong Kong" style tricks, and perhaps most importantly, strong acting from the cast (many of which are becoming veterans of genre films). If there's a weak spot, it's the over-the-top villain. In movies like this, participants sometimes go too far to make the villain irredeemably evil, to the point of cartoonishness. This is such a time.

5 years ago

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