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@hurluberlue: The Thing? The Fly? Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Scarface? A Fistful of Dollars? The Maltese Falcon? The Departed? The Magnificent Seven?

7 years ago



Tim Burton tried to be more faithful to the book and we saw how that turned out. Faithfulness to source material is not a criteria by which all film adaptations should be judged. Many should be taken on their own terms, since film is such a different medium and some aspects of a novel do not always translate well to film.

You could also say that the Burton film just blew its load on CGI-Indian oompa loompas.

8 years ago


Compared to its 2003 re-make, this film is filled with warmth, charm, and real imagination. A delight to watch - even if that tunnel was really freakin' weird.

9 years ago

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