Wonderful, wonderful film. The lack of production code makes this hilariously risqué and sexy, and the song sequences are some of the most beautiful scenes I've seen in any film. Masterpiece. Must see.

7 years ago

St. Gloede

My god. I have never been this pleasently surprised in my life. What a masterpiece.

11 years ago


A lovely film with great musical numbers. Aline MacMahon is a real pip.

Warner and Zanuck were correct (for once) when they moved Forgotten Man to the end. What an amazing, moving, and beautifully shot sequence. Etta Moten was a revelation. A fantastic tribute to the circumstances that WW1 vets found themselves in during The Depression. They were showing the effects of PTSD before anyone knew what it was.

I watch this every time it's on TCM and highly recommend it to everyone.

4 years ago

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