Igor Brynner_1989

Socurov's bullshit.

7 years ago


You almost don't need subtitles for this, but here you go:
You're watching the documentary film Soviet Elegy
8:50 - 10:38: Born 1906 into a peasant family, a child is given the name of Nikolaj. It happened in the village of Budka in the Sverdlovsk region. In 1929, at the age of 23 years, Nikolaj asks to marry the girl Klavdia who is two years younger.
It was a typical country wedding. The pastoral life of Ural didn't impress them. In his early thirties, the famine forced Nikolaj to leave the village.
Moving with the family to Bereznik in the Perm, Nikolaj started to work in the yards of the potassium industry. In 1931 the son Boris was born. The photo shows him as a civil engineer student at the polytechnical instutite in Ural, the 50s. He met his future wife. They had a typical student wedding. She studied in the same faculty.
In 1975, the father Nikolaj Ignatievich died at age 69. This photo shows his daughter-in-law, Naina Iosifovna, her two grand-daughters his widow and his son Michail.

Then: a lot of names subtitled in Italian (I think)
Then: Building 358 (superimposed)
Then: Silence until the end.

8 years ago


An unexpectedly strange film. It's about old cemeteries…oops, no. It's about Boris Yeltsin? Well, kinda. No, wait…here is 10 solid minutes of snapshots of famous Russian statesmen with no information supplied beyond their names. But never mind that…here's some static footage of Yeltsin looking weary and tired and not saying a word. Pro-Yeltsin? Anti-Yeltsin? Beats me.

5 years ago

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