Nashville (1975)

The intersecting stories of twenty-four characters—from country star to wannabe to reporter to waitress— connect to the music business in Nashville, Tennessee.


My favorite film. It's not a traditional film in that it shoves its agendas and themes in the viewer's face. Instead, it's ever-present. It's in the mood, the texture, the cinematography…everywhere. It's a film that perhaps does better on repeat viewings, where you notice little things like how Lady Pearl's monologue ties in with the news reporting near the last scene, or how Haven Hamilton's toupee falls in the last scene and he eschews it, effectively giving up his self-centeredness when the chips were down. You see things like the camera movements during "Since You've Gone", or the satire of country music present in damn near every song. You notice how the characters are made human, and the movie becomes more like life than most. It's not a political film: its slice of life. It's there to show us, in Altman's words, "what people are to people". And it succeeds in a big way.

8 years ago


Might scare people away with a plethora of singing parts and the seemingly fragmented story but once you're ready to look at the big picture it's really mindblowing in a way. Yes it's disturbing to watch at times but so is our society.

7 years ago


Great film!! Altman took us far away, so far away.

8 years ago

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