Elephant (1989)

A depiction of a series of violent killings in Northern Ireland.


@jarmel The explanation can be found on the film's Wikipedia page

The title is a tribute to the 1989 BBC short film of the same name, directed by Alan Clarke. Van Sant originally believed Clarke's title referred to the story of several blind men trying to describe an elephant and each one drawing different conclusions based on which body part they were touching. Later, he found out that it was referring to the phrase "elephant in the room," a reference to the collective denial of some very obvious problem. Van Sant's film uses the earlier interpretation, as the same general timeline is shown multiple times from multiple viewpoints.

10 years ago


I don't know the exact relationship between this and Gus Van Sant's Elephant but for me the latter borrows heavily from the Alan Clarke version.

10 years ago


I got it after the first few shootings. Didn't need to watch it for 39 minutes.

3 years ago

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