Campanadas a medianoche (1965)

a.k.a Chimes at Midnight

The career of Shakespeare's Sir John Falstaff as roistering companion to young Prince Hal, circa 1400-1413.

Duke of Omnium

By adding a hint of gravitas, Welles gives Falstaff genuine pathos instead of pure buffoonery. 15th Century England is credibly recreated (or at least faked); very impressive for what is evidently a low budget film. Nice to see Gielgud as something other than Arthur's butler.

3 years ago


This is probably my favorite filmed Shakespeare adaptation and my fourth-favorite Welles film after Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil and The Magnificent Ambersons. The battle sequence was amazing. The dvd available from Mr. Bongo Films was surprisingly good. Here's hoping for an even better restoration and Blu-ray release down the line.

6 years ago

Dimitris Psachos Springer

A fucking Welles masterpiece, 1.000.000 superior to all the Citizen Kanes combined.
This and F for Fake: no. 1 Welles.

3 years ago

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