I enjoyed this movie but the actress who played Laura was awful. Her drunk acting was terrible and the character was annoying talking to herself with terrible lines. The rest of the cast I thought did well.

5 months ago


I know these other commenters didn't have such a great time with this but I actually thought it was kind of "so bad, it's good." There was some painful dialogue and characters including a drunk actress who talks to herself constantly and some annoying beatnik, but the special effects are actually pretty cool. It was slightly better than a lot of the really bad drive-in movies of the times. Or maybe slightly better than a movie the MST3K guys used to make fun of.

6 years ago


I was editing my Xing-Profile while watching, so I really didn't pay much attention. But I had the impression it wasn't thaaaaat bad. But yeah, it was bad. I liked the girl in the bikini at the beginning.

7 years ago

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