Brilliant! I didn't expect to find it scary but it really was, and surprisingly amusing at times also. The scenes were truly terrifying. And of course, as said before, the soundtrack is wonderful. A must see for horror fans.

6 years ago


As the poster says "PSYCHO, THE EXORCIST, JAWS now there's DEEP RED"

It deserves to be mentioned with the best horror movie ever made

Deep Red is about a man that sees a murder committed and then tries to unravel the mystery of finding the killer. Argento builds the mystery by uncovering each layer, one step at a time, with consequences for those who find out too much. His Innovative camera techniques will leave you speechless, it helps heighten our tension as the killer stalks his/her prey. The funky rock score is frightening. It even has a little humor in. Deep Red will keep you guessing with its twists and turns right until the end.

"You will NEVER forget it!!!"

6 years ago


Film was great and so was the soundtrack, loved the whole thing.

8 years ago

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