This movie is not a horror film nor really scary as much as it is unnerving and disturbing. I was not a fan of the ending, I felt they had a good ending that they ruined with the last few seconds to make it more of an art film. If you are looking for good french horror, there is a ton of better movies, but if you looking for a hard to watch disturbing experience, then go ahead and watch this film.

a year ago


turn on cc for English subs.

a year ago


One of my absolute favorite horror films ever, if not my all time favorite. Definite trigger warning for self harm, but the film isn't actually all that visually graphic, a lot of it is the tension of what you know is happening but don't see. And as a survivor of self harm I personally feel like this movie is a pretty thoughtful commentary on the subject; it's one of the most interesting, creative, and meaningful horror movies I've seen.

4 years ago

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