I enjoyed it. There's a real descent into madness, and the acting was excellent.

6 years ago


All these negative comments are from GOVERNMENT AGENTS trying to hide the TRUTH that this movie reveals and that the Bilderberg Group and the NEW WORLD ORDER don't want you to know!!!!

Very good movie. It's obviously an adapted stage play, and I think Friedkin's and Letts' later collaboration on "Killer Joe" is superior, but the dialogue and performances from Judd and Shannon are excellent, and the film does a good job of producing an atmosphere of paranoia and insanity.

I'm not sure what the "secret" is that the poster below me is referrring to:

If you enjoy this movie, then I would recommend "Martha Marcy May Marlene", which has a similar dialogue-driven atmosphere of paranoia.

6 years ago


I'm surprised to see all the hate on this in the comments, but I can see how if you came to it expecting a horror genre film, this would have been really disappointed. I liked it a lot though–great performances, great dialogue, and increasing freakiness from Shannon.

7 years ago

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