This movie is quite brilliant in it's use of shadows and lighting to create the suspense and it's use of make-up and reaction to create the fear of the phantom. I saw no blood and no actual dead body yet it was creepy and suspenseful all the same. I have a great love and respect for all silent movies because they had to work extra hard to produce the results some douche with a computer can today. The ones I've seen are a ton better than the useless, boring dreck that is put out these days.

8 years ago


This was probably great in 1925. But to be honest, I think it would have done better to hold off the brilliant reveal until the end as the movie loses all its tension once we've seen the Phantom. By the end, it's just an incoherent mess.

Lon Chaney's gleeful malevolence aside, it's a bit rubbish.

7 years ago


Great movie and soundtrack. Now I know where Kubrick found part of Barry Lyndon's soundtrack.

7 years ago

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