Well that vacation went downhill fast. A truly demented movie that is way more entertaining than it has any right to be. Ezra Godden really hams it up in (dare I say) Jeffrey Combs-ian or even Bruce Cambell-esque fashion. Yes, the acting is ludicrous but so is the story; I think it adds to its charm. My only real complaint is the atrocious, although mercifully sparse, cgi–always outshone by the passably decent practical effects–which is especially jarring considering the film's old school aesthetic.
Dagon offers a pretty good, albeit campy, synthesis of Lovecraftian themes. Although for me it failed to evoke a sense of terror, it made up for it in entertainment value.

4 years ago


This is amongst the best adaptations of Lovecraft. Others that were also good were of course, the Re-Animator series of films and From Beyond. This has a quality to it that is different from these, making it a more entertaining film to the masses.

7 years ago


The acting is horrible, script even worse, and just the crazy gratuitous mess that it turns into is really disappointing. Loved the premise and the feel of the whole thing, but not well put together at all.

5 months ago

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