It's not as good as the first Halloween film, but it's certainly a decent enough horror sequel. A little too much Myers though, which makes him less scary rather than more scary.

8 years ago


This movie made me remember the Terminator saga. The Michael Myers stalking Jamie Lee Curtis scenes seem to have been used as a reference to John Cameron's Terminator.
The movie lost with Carpenter leaving the director's role, but it's still a good one. You gotta love Michael Myers.

6 years ago


Nowhere near as good as the first but it still was a pretty effective slasher. Scares were well handled, lots of suitably gruesome kills (this sequel ramps up the bodycount). Plot starts to become silly, and Michael Myers is inexplicably invulnerable. Jamie Lee Curtis is pretty good, but Pleasance seems as though he's just phoning it in after a much superior performance in the first film. Most of the other characters are underdeveloped slasher fodder.

7 years ago

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