This was very Entertaining, The Special Effects feel revolutionary.

8 years ago


This one is awesome. It is pretty funny as well as having disturbing parts, I totally love the balance they ended up with. Claude Rains is great as the villain and the special effects are totally fantastic.

The only downsides are: the length, the over the top women and how laid back the Cranley's are to the invisible mans killings.

This is my new favorite Universal Monster Movie.

7 years ago


Universal's The Invisible Man is a masterwork of period special effects, groundbreaking, in fact. Some of the rotoscoping is a little shaky, I guess, but very little of it. Most of the time, it looks great, and all the gags used to make objects move, etc. are seamless and fun. There are even times when I had to wonder how it was done. And there are so many of them, I'm even impressed that they attempted to make this film in this way AT ALL. Also impressive is Claude Rains as the eponymous mad scientist, bringing the character to life mostly through his voice and mannerisms, as the bandaged face leaves him very little to work with. The film moves along at a great clip too, with lots of action compared to many of its Universal cousins. The one flaw, to my mind, is Una O'Connor as the innkeeper's wife. Even worse than her over-acting in Bride of Frankenstein, here she screeches up a storm with a terrible Cockney accent, trying to steal (and then kill) every scene she's in.

2 years ago

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