Dear Aamir Khan,

You have boyish features, but are obviously not 20 years old. Denim and sneakers do not hide this fact. As you are now approaching 50, please consider playing something other than college students.

… Also please try being in movies that are 1.5-2 hours long, the more tolerable length for movies in general, and Bollywood movies, in particular.

8 years ago


Lol, how did this end up in the best of 2000's list. The plot is underdeveloped. There's barely any significant dialogue. Some of the songs are okay, but that's to be expected from a Bollywood movie. The characters are uninteresting and there's not a single outstanding performance. Boring scene-song-boring scene…etc.

8 years ago


I think this might be the worst film ever made. I'm not joking. Makes heavy handed Soviet propaganda films look like they were directed by the subtle hand of Ingmar Bergman or Carl Th. Dreyer.

If someone want to torture me Clockwork Orange style, all they need to do is show me this film over and over again.

The most stupid, self important, pompous, ridiculous, atrocious, tasteless film I've ever seen.

9 years ago

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