Why this film is too short! and all the Bollywood last 3 hours :( .. quality not quantity :) love it!

8 years ago


Great film.

The larger budgets seen in Guillermo del Toro's more recent films do not deliver the justice he deserves, given the stamp this movie has in his back catalogue.

Great pace, sound, story and delivery - unique without feeling locked into the era it was made.

6 years ago


Guillermo del Toro's first film, Cronos, is like a Warehouse 13 episode in which the agents never show up. It's also a neat little vampire movie that never uses the word and so, transcends the genre. It's about an antiques dealer who finds a device that gives the user immortality and how it affects his family (his wife and granddaughter). Obviously, there's an old millionaire who wants it for himself and who sends his American nephew, played with great humor by Ron Perlman, to acquire it. The film stands on its own, but may be most interesting to del Toro fans because it is practically the blueprint for all that is to come - the merging of the supernatural with religious themes, the quirky characters that elevate the material beyond the genre formula, the humanized monsters and monstrous humanity, and the threat to family.

7 years ago

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