Dawn of the Dead (2004)

A group of survivors take refuge in a shopping mall after the world is taken over by aggressive, flesh-eating zombies.


Somebody had recommended "Dawn of the dead." I should have asked which one. He meant the 1979 Romero version. I really should have asked.

8 years ago


The Man Comes Around was a great song choice for the opening credits.

8 years ago


Having grownup on the original George A. Romero film I would have to say that I prefer the original. The 1978 setting was just a lot of fun to watch, along with its original setting. I must say that I am causes around remakes. While some remakes indeed improve or re-imagine films (Such as "3:10 to Yuma" (2007)) I find that while that might have been James Gunn &
Zack Snyder's intentions it came across as a modern extreme version with unnecessary rewrites, Over the top action and downright ridicules scenes; lack of character development only bottlenecks any feeling you might have had for the survivors as they drop like flys. As Stephen Whitty said before me "it has no purpose of its own, except to exploit the latest advances in gore effects." I will leave on the note that this is my personal opinion and you may take it for what it's worth.

10 years ago

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