Not a bad Dracula movie considering Dracula isn't even in it. Cushing is good as always and Hammer's trademark style is satisfyingly present; bright lighting, colorful turn of the century costumes, and paint-red blood. Terence Fisher and Hammer go together like white and rice. True, I could have used some Christopher Lee Dracula action, but this is about as good as a Hammer Dracula movie without him could possibly be.

4 years ago


An awesome follow up to Horror of Dracula and its evident that Christopher Lee's absence is basically the most affecting factor of the film. Fisher's direction is on par with the original as is Cushing's performance. 4.5/5

5 years ago


Cheesy and dated which would’ve been fine if there was a bit more going on. Unfortunately for about an hour there was no real tension, scares, shocks, humour, blood, breasts or anything. Saying that though, it picked up at the end for a good last 15-20 minutes.

8 years ago

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