Heh, i was watching this movie on Net5 one day, and my girlfriend, who gets scared of everything, just walked in the room and saw the first frightening scene (wont spoil it) and actually cried ;)

She forced me to go to bed with her to comfort her, so i still havent watched the movie :(

10 years ago


Underrated, atmospherical and brilliant execution. One of my favourite horror films!

6 years ago


The Descent is a spelunking adventure that goes horribly wrong when a group of women, thrill seekers all, run afoul of a race of blind cannibal troglodytes. Claustrophobes need not apply. The first half is creates unease very early, giving one character a trauma to get over, and then plunging the cast in darkness and cramped spaces. If this were a survival movie, it would work quite well without the introduction of monsters. Once those monsters show up, the killing begins, on both sides, and we may or may not hedge into a metaphorical space where one woman's trauma becomes everyone's nightmare. In that way, it avoids becoming just a string of jump scares, though it is that too. Admirable for its stark use of lighting and negative space to gives the caves a hellish atmosphere, it's an effective, thrilling monster movie for (ok not) the whole family.

4 years ago

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