I cannot believe it is not on Greatest Sequels list

6 years ago


Frankenstein 2: The Monster Goes to Kindergarten and Develops an Alcohol Problem.

Still a good movie, though

5 years ago


Director James Whale returned (with some coaxing, apparently) for Bride of Frankenstein, which has a fun conceit - Mary Shelley herself telling Byron and Percy that her story isn't quite over. If the sequel followed the novel, it would end on an ice flow, but while the movie pays lip service to some events in the book (like Frank learning to speak), it actually goes in a completely different way. To put it colloquially, it's bananas. Like, what's that bit with the tiny homonculous? Beyond some pretty impressive effects, I mean. That's just very weird. But the Bride herself is a too-little seen triumph, and the plot moves along at a great pace, straight from the last moments of the original. My only problem with the movie is Una O'Connor over-acting all over the place as Minnie the Maid. They use her less in the back half, thankfully. Bride should be on anyone's list of sequels equal or superior to the originals.

2 years ago

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